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Retention Strategies celebra la navidad haciendo honor a nuestro lema
¡Hoy somos mas fuertes!
Reafirmando nuestro compromiso de calidad y servicio de excelencia.
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RS Star of 2017
Ivelisse Oyola  haciendo entrega del reconocimiento a Agustin Rogiers

SHRM Convention 2017








Retention Strategies Team at SHRM Convention 2017

From left to right- Christine Stein (WellBeing and LifeStyle Consultant),
Bettye Baldwin (Managing Principal), Marisol Ortiz (Principal), Gloria Pérez (Account Executive), Ivelisse Oyola (Client Services Manager) and Wanda Fuentes (Account Executive)

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Care for Caregivers

Hurricane Maria has devastated the island. The conditions are nothing short of apocalyptic. 3.4 million U.S. citizens have no electricity. About half of them do not have running water. Food and gasoline are in short supply. The streets are flooded and sewage water is flowing into the ocean and streets. People are dying in hospitals because of the lack of resources. Everyone on the island is at risk in what the island’s governor, Ricardo Rossello, has called “a humanitarian crisis.”

Many of the caregivers lost everything in the hurricane, and barely have any resources themselves. Yet they remain dedicated to the health and care of their clients.

Caregivers de Puerto Rico is doing all that it can for its caregivers, and has been processing and providing payroll for its caregivers without electronic support, and has been giving counseling and administrative guidance. Unfortunately, the caregivers need more than one company can provide under these circumstances. And so we humbly ask for your donations. All of the money donated will be withdrawn as contributions reach $50,000, and will be delivered directly to the caregivers through the business. Anything you can give will help these brave men and women so they can continue to provide the assistance and care that their clients need.