Understanding Health Care Exchanges: Read the following article to better understand PPACA Health Exchanges.

What Makes U.S. Health Insurance Exchanges So Complicated
The New York Times
July 19, 2013

Uwe E. Reinhardt is an economics professor at Princeton. He has some financial interests in the health care field.
There is much coverage and commentary on news Web sites about whether the health insurance exchanges called for in the Affordable Care Act will be ready by Oct. 1 for enrollment by individuals seeking health insurance in the nongroup market. Insurance bought there takes effect on Jan. 1. I sense that many of those commenting would like the exchanges to fail. (more…)

MCS: Well-being initiatives an important investment for people’s health

Issued : 05/30/2013

When we talk about healthcare, more and more people are conscientious that we need to make permanent changes in lifestyle, and implement preventive care to reduce the development of chronic diseases, improve quality of life and remain productive for a longer time. For many years, MCS has incorporated well-being initiatives that promote self-awareness about one’s health and the ability to take appropriate actions to be healthy. (more…)

The long road for women in the business world

Volume: 41 | No: 16
Page : 31
Issued : 05/02/2013
In recent decades, more women have risen to leading positions in big business, but in Puerto Rico women lag behind their U.S. counterparts.
“In Puerto Rico, when it comes to general managers, there aren’t so many,” said Bettye Baldwin, managing principal for Retention Services, a benefits brokerage & consulting firm. “So we support the idea that it is the ‘guy’ who becomes the general manager. In most law firms, the managing partner is male. In most CPA firms, the managing partner is male. When I moved to Puerto Rico, almost no general managers were women. Now, I can pick out some. But in the areas of HR and staff support? It’s pretty much just women.”
Last year, 35% of the most important U.S. companies included a woman as chief financial officer. (more…)

P.R. doctors flee to U.S. mainland

Volume: 41 | No: 15
Page : 62
Issued : 04/25/2013
A medical exodus is taking place in Puerto Rico as doctors and nurses flee for the U.S. mainland, seeking higher salaries and better reimbursement from insurers. Many of their patients, frustrated by long waits and a scarcity of specialists, are finding they have no choice but to follow them off the island.
In the past five years, the number of doctors in Puerto Rico has dropped by 13%, from 11,397 to 9,950, according to the island’s Medical Licensing & Studies Board. The biggest losses are primary care (more…)

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