Experts agree that future savings from health care will need to come by making plan participants more healthy. How do we do this? Prevention. What is the best methodology of prevision? Understanding the base line of your health, developing specific programs to address any issues or diseases, and then following a discipline. This is not easy, but Retention Strategies has developed a customized program designed to address Puerto Rico wellness needs from a cultural embraceable program.

Visit our website specifically designed for wellness – Bienestar.RetentionStrategiesPR.com for more information.

Wellness – The one word you need to know more about to increase your profitability!

Guest columnist Bettye Baldwin is managing principal of human resources firm Retention Strategies. (Credit: © Mauricio Pascual)

The first question you are likely asking yourself after reading the above headline is — “How could wellness possibly increase my profitability? Wellness is just a buzz word.”

Growing your business by increasing your profitability through wellness is indeed possible, and we will provide here a summary of the (1) why, (2) how, (3) when and (4) who.

(1) Why? Healthy employees with healthy families always — and we mean always – have a better-balanced lifestyle and are more productive at their jobs. Productive, engaged employees comprise a work force that simply cares more about the business and contributes to its growth through higher quality products, better service and more sales. (more…)